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Microsoft: better 360 sales in 08; Europe is the key


Microsoft's Jeff Bell is convinced that sales of the Xbox 360 will improve in 2008. The head of global marketing for Microsoft's gaming division recently spoke with Reuters, and pointed out that sales of the console in Europe were on a steady increase, and will help the company swing back in the following year.

The statement comes as a response to the 360's lagging sales in Japan, where both the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 have dominated. Bell states that upcoming major releases from Japanese developers should assist the console in that region, while increasingly strong sales in Britain, France and Germany will pave the way in 2008.

Bell also took a few jabs at Nintendo during the discourse, stating that Microsoft has benefited somewhat from rampant Wii shortages, and that Nintendo first-party successes on the console have crippled opportunities for third-party developers.

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