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Vizio's VO47L and VW46L leak ick into our consciousness


Ew. That Goatse-inspired pic with a "peek at perfection" tag-line are just a few of the startling things netizens will notice in that picture above. The other being the fact that Vizio hasn't announced the VO47L FHDTV yet. Or VW46L FHDTV for that matter (pictured after the break). The 47-inch 1080p VO47L LCD features a 2,000:1 contrast, 178-degree viewing angle, and a healthy spread of 4x HDMI inputs. The VW46L scales it back to 46-inches and 3x HDMI. No pricing yet, but you can expect them to bend over and pop on the budget side of your big box's offerings. Now let's see if Vizio gets their marketing department in check or at least, edu-macated about the dark-side of the intertubes before these sets get official.

Update: Oops, Vizio pulled the pages.

[Thanks, Dan]

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