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Image credit: hacked, redirects to HD DVD Promo site

Darren Murph

Tried visiting lately? You know, that site created by the Blu-ray Disc Association? If you're a newcomer, go on and click that "United States" location button upon arriving -- and shield your eyes if you fear the sight of HD DVD. As of right now, some clever (and equally meddlesome) individual has hacked the website to redirect to the The Look and Sound of Perfect, which is the official website of the HD DVD North American Promotional Organization. Of course, it's impossible to say who did this or what's really going on, but it should provide a hearty chuckle if nothing else. Peep the gallery shot below for a full-screen image of the redirect result. You wanted a format war? Oh, you've got one.

Update: Seems to be fixed now -- 'twas fun while it lasted!

[Thanks, Tom]

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