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Can't play your MMOs over the holidays? Watch 'em instead!

Chris Chester

One of the unfortunate side effects of the holidays is that many of us have to leave our rigs behind us as we make the often lengthy journeys from our gaming hovels to visit family and friends. In a lot of cases, we're lucky if our relatives have broadband, let alone the kind of computer that could run our taste in MMOs. So unless you've got a pretty kick-ass laptop, you're almost assuredly out of luck when it comes to satiating your gaming urges.

For those lucky enough to be in a household with cable, we may have stumbled on a bit of gaming methadone to help calm the shakes. G4 recently aired a special on the "MMO Phenomena," which covers World of Warcraft, Tabula Rasa, Age of Conan, The Agency, God & Heroes, Second Life, and more. Nobody on-staff has seen the program yet, so we can't really vouch for it's quality, but it's better than nothing, and it should be on a fairly regular rotation. Keep an eye out!

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