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Do we want consolidation of HDTV technologies?

Steven Kim

According to the linked article, the time is right for a consolidation of HD display technologies. Certainly, LCDs look like they're destined to take over direct view displays and move PDPs and RPTVs to the margins. But just because the writing is on the wall doesn't mean it's time to abandon PDP or RPTV technology just yet. We think the market will divide something like: RPTVs for ultimate size-per-dollar; PDPs for high-end quality freaks; and LCDs for everybody else. Multiple technologies in play makes a healthier (if more confusing) market. We remember when our first big-cabinet CRT RPTVs were high-end -- those big cabinets were a market opportunity that in part spurred improvements in plasma displays. And would development of dynamic LED backlighting been so aggressive without PDPs showing superior motion resolution? In the end, judge with your eyes, vote with your dollars and let the market decide when a display technology should be abandoned. Artificially limiting choices is lame; we here in the US-of-A power innovation and progress through competition!

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