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Put your Wii on a new pedestal

Eric Caoili

We showed you Cyber Gadget's slick hat for the Wii earlier this week, so we felt compelled to also feature some new kicks for the console. That's what you kids are calling shoes now, right? Kicks?

Unlike the standard gray stand, Talismoon's Wii bases come in a variety of colors -- Pink Chrome, Blue Chrome, Red Chrome, Green Chrome, Silver Chrome, Black Chrome, Clear, and Clear Blue, the last two of which seem perfect for LED modding, if that's what you're into. We heard that's what you're into.

Online shop Divineo already has Talismoon's stands up for sale for $12.99 each. What should you do with your old base once you've bought one of these, you ask? We suggest throwing it at children you race coins against each other to see which ones roll down the ramp the fastest. Slide past the break for more images of the colorful stands.

[Via DCEmu]

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