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This Wednesday: SpongeBob gives XBLA 'Underpants Slam!'


The aquatic antics of our obliviously cheerful pal, SpongeBob SquarePants, have once again been transformed into a video game, this time for Xbox Live Arcade. Though we can't guarantee that "Underpants Slam!" will be any more enjoyable than the unexpected punch to the groin as suggested by the title, we can confidently inform you that it'll be available for download in North America from the Xbox Live Marketplace this coming Wednesday, December 26th.

THQ's "side-scrolling slap-happy extravaganza" absorbs players into SpongeBob's quest to collect King Neptune's 99 pieces of laundry, with garment hunting parties being comprised of up to four players over Xbox Live. If that sounds like F.U.N. to you, prepare to get slammed in the pants for 800 MS Points ($10).

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