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Toshiba giving away HD DVD players with LCD TV purchase... in Australia

Darren Murph

Sure, it'd be better if this offer was worldwide in nature, but hey, the Australians deserve their deals too, right? According to SmarthouseNews, Toshiba will be running a promotion at Aussie retailer JB Hi-Fi -- which just recently started stocking HD DVD-related products -- that enables buyers of the 37-inch X3000A LCD TV to take home an HD-E1 HD DVD player gratis. Moreover, those who opt for the 42-, 46- or 52-inch version of the aforementioned set will be blessed with a shiny new HD-EP10. Reportedly, the deal runs from now until January 31, 2008, and just in case you couldn't guess, Tosh is apparently hoping to "drive sales" of its favorite format in the region with the promo.

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