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Your guide to dailies: Unlocking Skettis

Amanda Miller

Whether you fancy a nether ray mount or are simply after some daily gold, you will probably want to start completing the daily quests for the Sha'tari Skyguard in Skettis. While they may prove difficult at first, with practice, you'll become faster and more adept.

In order to unlock these dailies, you will need to be level 70 and have at least basic flight. This is because Skettis is nestled in the top of a group of cliffs, and cannot be reached by mount or by foot. In fact, even if you were summoned to Skettis, you would only be able to do one of the two daily quests, as Fires Over Skettis entails bombing eggs while in flight. You will also need to complete two quests to gain access to your dailies.

The first of these unlocking quests, Threat From Above, can be completed without flight, provided you can get a warlock to summon you to the Barrier Hills, an area above and behind Aldor Rise, Shattrath. In fact, the second quest, which takes you to Skettis initially, could also be completed with the help of a warlock. Your dailies would then be unlocked, although you would still need flight for one, and want flight for the other. In addition, you would need to be summoned to Skettis every single day to actually complete the one daily you can do without flying.

Follow through the jump for an in-depth walkthrough for unlocking your dailies, as well as a bonus look at some non-daily, repeatable quests you can use to boost your reputation with the Skyguard.

Threat From Above and To Skettis!
Once you have attained level 70, you may notice that Yuula in Shattrath, stationed near the flight master, has a quest for you. Threat From Above will take you to the Barrier Hills, north and above Aldor Rise, requiring only that you slay any 20 Gordunni Ogres. Because they loom above Shattrath, and are unreachable using ground forces, it is up to the Skyguard to mediate the threat that they pose to the welfare of the city. As a wannabe recruit, you are being called upon to help them.

This quest is very straightforward, and can easily be soloed. I do recommend that you avoid the wandering elite level 71 ogre, however. He can take hits very well, and he summons skeleton mobs to help him. You will recognize him by his orange robes, as well as the fact that he has a much longer walking path than the average ogre.

While you are there, you might want to note that the ogres have a fair chance of dropping the new leatherworking bag pattern, [Pattern: Bag of Many Hides].

After the ogres, on to Skettis!
Once you have slain your 20 ogres, return to Yuula with the news. You will gain an easy 250 reputation with the Skyguard, and be given your next task. To Skettis! will only earn you about 10 reputation, but it will unlock your two dailies for you. Again, you can hand this quest in by being summoned to Skettis, although having flight will make the whole process easier, and allow you to complete both dailies.

The arakkoa of Skettis have been attacking Shattrath, and it is up to you to deliver additional explosives to the forces at Blackwind Landing and inform them of your shiny status as a new recruit for the Skyguard. As long as you can fly, you'll even be able to play with the explosives!

Completion of this quest not only unlocks Fires Over Skettis, which will become one of your main daily quests, it also allows you access to other quests at Blackwind Landing, some of which are repeatable.

Repeatable quests
While there are only two true daily Skettis quests, there are also two repeatable quests, which differ from dailies only in that there is no limit to the number of times they can be completed per day, and because of this, the rewards are lower.

If you are interested in Skyguard reputation for a mount or some mad phat lootz, try doing More Shadow Dust, a quest that is unlocked by World of Shadows (essentially the same quest), at least once per day, treating it as if it were one of your dailies.

Adversarial Blood
is also repeatable, but requires considerable time and effort to complete. Girl Meets WoW published a great overview of this quest, as well as Terokk's Downfall, the quest it unlocks. Both of these quests have some pretty nifty loot. In fact, the questline leading up to these repeatables includes the famed quest involving an arakkoa disguise, and all of the fun things you can do with it.

What to do
More Shadow Dust
simply entails that you gather hand-ins of 6 [Shadow Dust], which drop off of any of the arakkoa, and at a fair rate. Because many arakkoa are found on ground level, and on buildings reached by walking up ramps, you can easily complete this quest without flight. Unfortunately, you will still need a summon to Skettis.

By spending a few extra minutes in Skettis each day, you can easily prepare one or two turn-ins. In return, you will receive one [Elixir of Shadows] and 150 Skyguard reputation. This of course is after you have completed World of Shadows, which is the same basic quest, but nets you 250 reputation and 4g 40s, in addition to an elixir.

Because of the reputation you can gain, I recommend collecting [Shadow Dust] each day, regardless of whether or not you plan to do, or to repeat, Adversarial Blood. In fact, you will receive additional reputation, as each kill grants you bonus rep. By treating it as a daily, you can keep yourself motivated to complete it. While farming for my nether ray, I completed two hand-ins each day.

About the elixirs
The elixirs are used to allow you to see and fight the ghosts of Skettis. Doing so will earn you [Time Lost Scrolls] that are necessary for Adversarial Blood. A word of caution: drinking the elixir will effectively double the number of arakkoa in any given space, making pulling more challenging, and dying more likely. Unless I bring a group, I often end up turning off the game in frustration. One of the best tactics I have found is to locate one of the platforms that does not contain non-ghost mobs, drink the elixir, and then commence killing and wait for respawns.

Your loot in perspective
For each time you choose to do More Shadow Dust, you will gain:

  1. 250 reputation with the Sha'tari Skyguard, plus the above noted bonus rep per kill.
  2. Piles of cloth, potions, and other miscellaneous humanoid drops.
  3. 1 [Elixir of Shadows]
If you were to do this quest every day for one week, you would earn 1750 reputation, not even counting the drops and bonus reputation you will get from your kills! You'll even have 7 [Elixir of Shadows], which each last 15 minutes, even through death, with which you can gather [Time Lost Scrolls] in preparation for Adversarial Blood.

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