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Crapgadget: creepy baby pillow, fake Alienware PMP, USB message wand, and more!

Ryan Block, @ryan

The endless flood of lame gadgets actually slowed this week in what we can only assume is a lull before the post-holiday gift-card-targeting storm, but rest assured that some still made into our inbox -- it always does. Good thing we've got Crapgadget. Enjoy the crap out of this, okay? We nearly gouged our eyes out in the making.

P.S. -Next week we're having A Crapgadget Christmas -- so send in pics of the worst, crappiest gadgets you get under the tree to ask at engadget dawt com!

Read - Zaky baby pillow: These darn kids today, they don't live in enough terror. [Via Coolest-Gadgets]
Read - Alienware KIRF PMP: Ah, nothing goes with crappy, generic PMPs like a little light trademark infringement. [Via PMP Today]
Read - Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale: This thing might not even be worth $30 at an airport gift shop. [Via Techie Diva]
Read - USB message wand: Why communicate with others when you can just furiously wave a pre-programmed message at them?
Read - Pasen ONION1 PMP: Pasen's LAZYBUM PMP, now with added inscrutable branding! [Via Generation MP3]

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