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Cypress OSCAR sensor powers ARRIFLEX D-20, ARRISCAN

Steven Kim

Cypress Semiconductor has announced that its OSCAR CMOS sensor is the retina for the eyes of both the ARRIFLEX D-20 camera and the ARRISCAN film scanner. Digicam buffs may scoff at the 6-megapixel OSCAR array, but we HD fans know that's more than enough to produce the crispy images we crave on the big screen. The 2880 x 2160-pixel sensor can read out at high frame rates and run speed ramps, useful for either shooting live or digitizing film stock. The sensor is a "full frame," Super 35 size, so the optical results are the same between the D-20 and its film-based counterpart; a necessity for camera crews and their existing arsenal of lenses. If you're curious about how good this gear is, check for yourself -- the ARRISCAN was used in "King Kong" and "Die Hard IV," the D-20 shot the TV shows "Hogfather," "Tin Man" and "Baker Street."

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