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Survey says HD PQ trumps content, and real life

Steven Kim

First Motorola tells us people prefer HDTV football over being at the game, now comes news they'll watch uninteresting programs in HD. That's right -- a recent survey by Moto found that HDTV owners are so blown away by the picture quality that they'll watch HD programming whether they're interested in the content or not. We can look past the finding that people are watching more nature programming on their HDTVs than they did in third grade; there's a lot more nature programming available now. But when 12% of people say they watch sports in HD even though they don't like sports, you're seeing HD magic in action. What's even crazier is the finding that 20% of respondents find real life blurry compared to their HD window to the world. Scary. On a good note, the movie respondents most wanted to see in HD was seasonal fave "It's a Wonderful Life." Maybe people are getting wise to the evils of stretch-o-vision, eh?

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