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New pets for Everquest from LoN: Forsworn

William Dobson

Legends of Norrath saw its first expansion Forsworn released a few days ago, and along with the new loot cards that offer in-game items to use, there are new cards that grant pets as well. EQ Players has featured the pets that LoN collectors can look forward to claiming in EverQuest.

There are three familiars that Forsworn introduces to EQ, the Familiar of Queen Eletyl, the Familiar of Lady Vox, and the Familiar of Zi'Thuuli the Granite Claw. These will be pint-sized versions of their mighty likenesses, and really, who doesn't want to roll with a miniature Lady Vox in tow?

Pictures of all three of the new familiars are available at the EQ Players feature page.

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