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Rhode Island gets a lot more FiOS TV

Darren Murph

Wondering what Verizon was going to get you for the holidays? If you find yourself a resident of the Ocean State, the answer could be FiOS TV access. Reportedly, the Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carries granted Verizon licenses just this week to operate cable TV services in Charlestown, Cranston, Foster, Hopkinton, Johnston, Narragansett, North Providence, Providence, Richmond, Scituate, South Kingstown and Westerly. Apparently, Verizon had secured a license to operate in Service Area 6 earlier this year, but just now got approval on Areas 2, 3 and 8 covering the locales mentioned above. At first, just 29-percent of households in these communities will be able to get hooked up with FiOS TV, but if you aren't one of the fortunate ones when installations begin in "just a few weeks," hold VZW to its promise of "continued expansion in the coming year."

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