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Criterion (cockily) responds to Burnout Paradise criticisms


The PS3 and Xbox 360 demos for Burnout Paradise seem to have been met with largely positive reception, but Criterion is not content to let the few small criticisms fall through the cracks. They're also not content to do so without a little pomp and self-importance, either.

In between references to the "experience" of Burnout Paradise, and claims that it's the "best demo released all year," Alex Ward addresses concerns regarding the lack of a "retry" option in the game's races, stating that the game is better off without one, as it would require a load screen, and the Burnout Paradise team "hates loading with a passion."

In addition, Ward brings up the former Crash Mode (now called Showtime), promising that it's better than anything ever, and also makes sure to point out that feedback on the demo will in no way affect the final game, as work on Paradise has already wrapped up. Good to know Criterion's open to constructive criticism, eh?

[Via GameStooge]

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