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Gefen's TV Signal Generator for HDMI helps you troubleshoot

Darren Murph

Unless you redo your entire home theater setup every quarter or so, we doubt the average joe / jane will really need to snap up one of Gefen's TV Signal Generator for HDMIs, but custom installers should find plenty to love here. This handy box allows for a myriad tests to be performed on HDMI connections (or DVI with the appropriate adapter), including HDCP verification, three audio testing signals, a sine-wave formation and 35 timing settings. All of the tests are accessible through the unit's top-mounted LCD, and if you're really eager to get your feet wet, you can even utilize a Windows-based application for "extra timing and programming controls, including reading / writing of EDID and favorite timing modes for the auto scroll feature." Notably, the unit also comes with supplemental RCA and TOSlink audio inputs, supports SD and HD formats and even plays nice with PAL and NTSC -- but being so in the know will set you back a stiff $699. Click on for a few more looks.

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