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Hori takes a stand (and puts LEDs in it)

Eric Caoili

Hori's USB Illumination Stand -- available in black and white -- seems straightforward, lighting up your Wii with LEDs as it siphons power off the console. But what's with the $19.90 price tag at Play Asia ($22.90 on NCSX), and why is that extra cord in the back also plugged into one of the system's two USB ports? Though you can't tell just by looking at it, the front flap of the base opens up to reveal a USB port powered by that extra hook-up.

With the port conveniently positioned on the front, you can plug in a USB keyboard or, one day, an external drive without having to mess with the tangle of wires in the back. You can see a close-up of the hidden port and another shot of the base after the break.

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[Thanks, RupeeClock!]

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