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Nintendo serving up Pilotwings, ping pong?


Mysterious games have shown up in the far reaches of the no-man's-land known as GameStop's "Coming Soon" list. We've speculated that a Pilotwings game was on the way forever, and now it looks like ... GameStop is also speculating that a Pilotwings game is on the way. The release date is listed as March 6, 2009, but that's likely just a placeholder date, especially since the whole entry is just a placeholder anyway. Depressingly, the fake release date is five days after the listed release date for Sadness.

Another interesting new game with a less distant fake release date: a game simply called Ping Pong, published by Nintendo. Its December 31, 2008 release date is most likely also a placeholder, but the very possibility of a new, full-size ping pong game from Nintendo should be great news for fans of Wii Play, Rockstar Table Tennis and/or Balls of Fury. (Somebody's probably a fan of Balls of Fury, right?)

We don't mean to get your hopes up, since the further out into the future you go, the less accurate the GameStop "Coming Soon" list is. Thus, we are calling these rumors at best.

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