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Vivid Audio's G1 Giya speaker: suitable for a prince... or Prince

Darren Murph

Ready or not, here comes yet another extravagant speaker that the vast majority of us will simply be forced to drool over. Vivid Audio's G1 Giya speaker rocks a wild design, comes in a variety of automotive paint finishes and aims to catch the eye of style conscious enthusiasts more so than diehard audiophiles. 'Course, we're pretty certain this fine piece of engineering sounds pretty impressive in its own right, as it utilizes dual 12-inch subwoofers and aluminum tweeters / midrange drivers to crank out the jams. Reportedly, each 154-pound, 5.58-foot tower can handle frequencies from 23Hz to 44kHz and a staggering 800-watts of power, but alas, it'll remain a pipe dream unless you've got $54,000 to lay down (for each, we presume).

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