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WoW Moviewatch: Songs for dogs

Moo Money

While we're waiting for Oxhorn to release a Christmas CD of WoW songs, the guys over at Dirt Dog Gaming made up some of their own! When a forum member created a thread with a silly carol, the rest of the guild joined in. Then two of the braver members, Barenger and Mirabell, sang them. You can find the lyrics in the thread.

Here is the song list:
  • Oh Karazhan, by Barenger
  • Silenced Mage, by Mirabell
  • Pew pew WIPE, by Barenger
  • Orcs infesting LBRS, by Brendan
  • Oh Holy Knight, by Jashoo
  • Winters Veil, by Mirabell
  • Halt, The Harried raid leader screams, by Datchery
  • Take it on a Raid, by Qyu
  • Tanking for the first time, by Mirabell
[Thanks, Infamy!]

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