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Nexon counting down to Mabinogi English beta

Tateru Nino

Nexon, the operators behind online games MapleStory, Audition, and KartRider, are counting down to the English closed beta of their new 3D Online MMO adventure game, Mabinogi (named after the Welsh pre-Christian prose), developed by Nexon's devCat studio.

Featuring Cel-shaded, 3D, anime-styled graphics, the game service is currently available in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.

Mabinogi features a broad crafting systems, everything from farming and weaving, to mining and milking cows. Players can also create music with Music Markup Language (MML) an XML based standard for marking up music and melodies for output in a variety of different applications and devices.

Nexon's countdown currently to their English closed beta currently stands at 35 days, and there's a teaser video for those of you who want to see more about what you're in store for.

(The video is a little clipped, but mostly visible. Check out the full size version here)

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