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The Daily Grind: Favorite holiday "gifts" in your MMO

Ah, the day after Christmas. Depending on how you celebrated, you may feel you need another four day weekend to get over it, or you may be well rested and ready to go. Perhaps you're just enjoying some quality time with your coffee, or maybe you're scanning the sales papers trying to figure out what games to pick up next with all those gift cards you got this year. Meanwhile, in whatever worlds you play in, there's likely to be some type of a holiday event still in full swing, no matter what the real world is doing. One of the things we were thrilled to see added to the Winter's Veil event in World of Warcraft this year was the Clockwork Rocket Bot. For WoW, this added a fun new level of "stuff to do while waiting on your raid party to form up." You can now launch a rocket bot with a friend and watch them beat each other to bits. Put some tonks into the mix, and you've got yourself a seriously fun time-sink! We just hope they'll consider making some more dueling pets. I know I'd like to see if the Winter Veil combat pet can beat up the pets from other holidays.

But to get back to the point -- What would you say was your #1 in-game holiday item you got this year? We've seen hats, snowballs, useful things like Inspirations and holiday salvage, and just silly things like reindeer mounts and pocket gnomes. Are there any particularly good quests you've been on that were a lot of fun and landed you some interesting items, or was it all pretty well same-old-same-old in your MMO of choice? For that matter, did you land any in-game white elephants?

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