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DS Fanswag: 2007 is officially blown out, and we have winners!


Like all good things, our massive End of the Year Blowout must come to an end, but for our four lucky winners, today is a good day. So who gets the goods? Starting at the bottom and moving on up ...

Third Prize

  • Alexa Whitehead, who assured us she loves her White Lite, will soon be using it to play Revenant Wings and more!
Second Prize
  • Bill Smith, with his original Phat. We hope he wants to learn French, or at least shoot little geometric shapes.
First Prize
... and, finally, the Grand Prize goes to ...
  • Sonic_13, who will be upgrading his launch Phat to a sweet golden model on us!

Congratulations to all of our winners ... and we hope to have as many fantastic contests for you guys next year!

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