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How-To: Build a MAME cabinet, a video in 5 parts

We're not sure where "Build Your Own MAME Cabinet" falls on your todo list but it's pretty damn high on ours. Sure, we've pushed it down and put it off over the years (why did we learn underwater yak-shearing?) but after watching this 5-part video series on that very topic put together by the crew at Systm our desire has been rekindled. It's like a geek rite-of-passage, where previously basement-bound nerds branch out, teach themselves something new, and apply that knowledge to build the one thing that will ensure they'll never leave the basement again ever. Now, if you'll excuse us ...

[Thanks, Luke]

Systm Episode 24 - The Month of MAME: The Cabinet

Systm Episode 25 - MAME Case II

Systm Episode 26 - MAME Part 3: Mounting the TV, Buttons, Trackball, Coin Door and Speakers!

Systm Episode 27 - MAME Part 4: OS, Emulators, Wiring Those Buttons!

Systm Episode 28 - MAME Part 5: It's Over...

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