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Apple TV on Yahoo! Tech's Worst of 2007 list

Scott McNulty

Apple products often find themselves on the yearly 'Best of' lists composed by the mainstream media and bloggers alike, but they don't often grace the 'Worst of' lists. Sadly, Yahoo! Tech has deemed the Apple TV as one of the 'Top 10 Worst Tech Products' of the year. Apple TV made the list for a few reasons: you can't buy content directly from the box, the lack of updates to the software, and the lack of DVR capabilities are all reasons that the Apple TV is on the naughty list.

I find myself agreeing with Yahoo! on this one. The Apple TV is pretty much just a glorified iTunes extender, and that's why I haven't bought one for myself. That might all change, though, if you are able to rent movies directly from the device in the near future. Let's revisit this one after Steve's Macworld keynote, shall we?

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