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Massively's Massive Giveaways winners!


Many of you entered our Massive launch contests -- and many of you won, as well! Many of you have been eager to find out who won, but we've had to hold out on official announcements until we could cross every "i" and dot every "t" (or is it the other way around?). Though our list still isn't 100% complete, we're pleased to announce a large number of our winners below. Congrats, everyone!

Lineage 2 giveaway winners

  • Lineage 2 hats: slaik, Spars, Dah Cheet, solaxo, j379, Gr1zz, and Ryan
  • Lineage 2 game: Dah Cheet
  • Lineage 2 game time cards: evenfl0w2 and David
  • Lineage 2 plushie dinosaur: RJ
  • Lineage 2 poster: onetrueping
  • Tabula Rasa beanie: Squatch (with the agreement of our winner, this hat was subsituted due to a sizing issue)
Pirates of the Burning Sea giveaway winners
  • "Got Rum?" t-shirt: rogue
  • "Pillaging, Drinking, Flogging, Wenching. Just Another Day On the Job..." t-shirt: Errantdreams
  • "Surrender the Booty" t-shirt: Yain77
  • The Government Manual for new Pirates: crispy and 18Rabbit
  • Pirate playing cards: David and Dodsfall
  • Pirate mug: slaik and David
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea treasure chest o' swag: Caiti
EVE Online giveaway winners
  • 100 day time card: David, c0rnpwn, Chewy, and fanguad
EverQuest giveaway winners
  • Secrets of Feydwer: Caiti, Gemski, lavagoat, TypicalJeff, j379, and Jared3750
EverQuest 2 giveaway winners
  • Rise of Kunark: Dermit, Zaken, Dodsfall, Gregory, and Yain77
Guild Wars giveaway winners
  • Concept art: Felipe
  • Complete Guild Wars set x4: Arthur, windex, michael, Tim
  • Eye of the North: Jalann, Johrlann, Sebastian, J.R., Rinks
City of Heroes / City of Villains giveaway winners
  • 60 day game time card: J.R., samred, joemc72, and Caitlin
  • CoV banner: finalpro and Ghen
  • CoX Good vs. Evil edition: Fauzty and Alliml
  • CoX art book: Slaik and teknosaurus
Jonsing to know a winner that hasn't been announced here? Check previous announcements for our other giveaways: World of Warcraft, N52 speedpad, Logitech G15 keyboard, Hellgate: London, Ideazon Zboard, our two week anniversary, Second Life, and Turbine.

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