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NTT DoCoMo capitulates, tears down tower residents claim is sickening them

Chris Ziegler

On one fateful day in December of 2005, Japan's NTT DoCoMo erected a tower -- the most sinister of towers, in fact -- in a Kawanishi bus station. Ever since, the dastardly cell station has been emitting blast after blast of electromagnetic radiation, allegedly causing a host of health problems for the area's residents: sleeplessness, headaches, high blood pressure, even cataracts and diabetes -- you name it. Happily, a coalition of concerned citizens filed a complaint against the carrier earlier this year, which has finally agreed to remove the evil structure and return the immediate vicinity to its pre-cellphone days (although it made a point of not admitting that the tower caused any health issues in the process). Personally, a lack of signal is likely to cause us high blood pressure just as much as tower radiation is, but perhaps that's just us.


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