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Comcast spreads the HD love to more of Southeast

Darren Murph

Good news for Comcast users across the nation (and particularly for those in the Southeast): it seems the firm's recent HD expansion efforts are affecting more areas than just Washington, D.C. and South Carolina. Based on user reports originating in Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, the channels added to the DC / SC lineups have made their way to the Peach and Sunshine states. For those needing a refresher, that includes USA HD, TLC HD, History Channel HD, Sci-Fi HD, CNN HD, Animal Planet HD and Discovery Channel HD. Additionally, it sounds as if ATLiens are also being blessed with Travel Channel HD, but we've nothing official to back that up with just yet. So, with more of the US getting all these newcomers, have any of you Comcast users in other locales seen additions in your EPG? Let's hear it!

[Thanks, Abby and Matthew P.]

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