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Comcast TiVo hamstringed in the worst places?

Darren Murph

Just a week after we saw one particular Bostonian get his Comcast TiVo installed, we're now seeing reports claiming that the service simply isn't up to snuff even after the excruciating wait. Beyond the fact that users are forced to pay a monthly surcharge for what is effectively a one-time software update, it seems that customers aren't actually getting the traditional TiVo OS; rather, they're getting a TiVo-inspired overlay on the Motorola DVR OS. Potentially more disheartening, however, is the purported lack of the advanced TiVo features that were put in place to differentiate it from all the other DVRs. There's no TiVoToGo, no media sharing, no eSATA port utility, no Amazon Unbox and no Rhapsody. 'Course, hardcore TiVo lovers may find a way to rationalize the omissions, but if you're still wondering if the upgrade is for you, we'd strongly recommend hitting up the read link before pulling the trigger.

[Image courtesy of Steve Garfield CC BY-NC-SA]

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