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Marantz unveils 6-in, 2-out VS3002 HDMI switcher

Darren Murph

A shiny new 1080p DLP projector isn't the only thing Marantz is rolling out to the HD crowd this week, as the firm's newest HDMI switch is sure to garner attention from those drowning in components. The VS3002 video selector boasts that totally simple, albeit incredibly sexy motif that we've come to expect from the outfit, and it also features a 6-in, 2-out design that enables owners to pipe high-definition content in from a whole heap of sources and out to two separate displays. We're also led to believe that this thing supports v1.3 considering its understanding of Deep Color, and there's also an RS-232 port 'round back should you need it. Unfortunately, the VS3002 won't be coming sans a premium, as it will purportedly demand a stiff ¥35,000 ($306) when it lands in February.

[Via SlashGear]

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