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Meizu M8 getting facelifted, three buttons instead of one

Chris Ziegler

Meizu's Windows CE-based M8 continues to get tweaked ahead of an alleged CES debut, but the company is breaking from tradition and forgoing the typical renderings or dummies. Why? Turns out they're adding a couple of extra buttons up front -- three in total now -- and Meizu's CEO wants to keep the design under wraps while it navigates the patent process. We're not too sure what exactly there is to patent about a triplet of buttons, but hey, if these guys can get a little IP under their belts, it might give some much-needed street cred in the "we're not an iPhone clone" argument. Pictured here is a fan rendering of... well, you know, what three buttons might look like (in case you needed some help visualizing it) along with what is said to be the back of Meizu's latest prototype.

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