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H3 Recon Armor owner's Live account hijacked

Dustin Burg

We guess having the privilege of owning a set of Halo 3 Recon Armor puts a giant "please hack my Xbox Live account" target on your back. A target that nobody would be proud to wear.

If you recall, Halo 3 gamer Skyllus vBi earned some shweet Recon Armor for his suicidal sniping abilities back in October which instantly brought fame, chicks and money into his life. But owning the l33t Recon Armor has also brought lots of jealousy and envy. Just this week Skyllus' Xbox Live account was hijacked through what seems to be "pre-texting" methods by an unknown gamer who singled him out simply because of his Recon status. Skyllus is, in effect, locked out of his Xbox Live account. So far, he has reached out to Bungie and has gone through the proper 1-800-4-MYXBOX channels, but has yet to be successful in regaining access to his account since the hijacker changed all his information. An investigation is pending, discussions over at and TeamXbox are taking place and Skyllus is updating everyone on the status over at Team vBi. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix this mess and Skyllus will again regain control of his account and Recon Armor. And maybe Xbox Live CS will quit being duped by pre-texting antics. Shame on them.

[Thanks, xX Twilight Xx]

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