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Sony Ericsson Z660 looking more legit than ever

Chris Ziegler

It's still bearing the now-famous "SE123" designation of a true Sony Ericsson prototype, but this slim flip -- allegedly the Z660 -- is looking more real than it ever has before and should do a halfway decent job of silencing a few naysayers (convincing folks that this is a good looking phone, though... well, that's another matter altogether). Unlike the last spy shot we saw, it seems that the Z660's exterior has been done up in a brushed metal of some sort, lending a small sliver of legitimacy to the premium price this model will likely command. We'll still withhold final judgment until Sony Ericsson says it's good and ready, but we're a little more encouraged now by the way this thing's shaping up than we were before.

[Via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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