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TTH resource-gathering guide: Lone-Lands

William Dobson

Compared to the last zone we examined in the TTH Lord of the Rings Online resource gathering series, for the bountiful Bree-Land, the Lone-Lands really fail to impress. In general, it's simply not a great place to do your harvesting. However, there are a few redeeming qualities that may cause you to visit the zone.

For example, the Lone-Lands guide asserts that there is no better area in the game to get your medium hides than the back areas of Midgewater Pass. Also, the tier 3 resources here are widespread, and the zone is one of the main sources of these materials for lower level characters who can't go much further, but aren't having luck harvesting for them in earlier areas.

To gleam what value you can out of this often frustrating area, check out the rest of the guide for the usual table and detailed look at individual portions of the zone.

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