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DS Daily: Advertising and you


Last night we commemorated (a pretty good amount of) a year of the excellent Promotional Consideration column, which deals with game advertising. There's no doubt that game advertising has the power to entertain, but can it also, you know, sell games?

Take the Let's Tarot campaign, for example. Did anyone see popular actress Kanako Yanagihara in the ads and think, "I believe I will purchase this product. The reason is that I am a fan of Ms. Yanagihara's work, and she has accepted money in exchange for the association of her likeness with the item in question."? Or Jam Sessions's bizarre New Zealand ad campaign, which associates receiving the product with becoming an awful person.

Is being memorable all it takes to be successful as an ad? Have you ever been swayed by game advertising, or reminded sufficiently of something you were interested in to go get it?

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