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LoTRO guild releases 2008 calendar online

Eric Vice

Every year I am faced with a dilemma. I am faced with the question of which calendar I am going to buy to hang on "the hook" that is attached to my wall beside my computer with 3M command adhesive. The last couple of years I've lucked out with some exotic car calendars from a car dealer I do business with, and this year I picked up a "motivational" calendar from my mother as a Christmas gift that sports such motivating one-liners as "Perseverance is a sign of someone who is too stupid to know when to quit."

The Jesters of Middle Earth guild clearly decided to take matters into their own hands though. They created a 2008 wall calendar (in printable PDF format) of the female avatars in the guild in a variety of poses. Sorry guys, there are no (overly) naughty elves in this publication, but I think this is a really incredibly creative idea from Jesters.

With the right software it would be a simple thing to make such a calendar for any guild, perhaps with a raiding schedule or guild meetings pre-marked on it. The Jesters calendar is freely downloadable here. You can either print it yourself or take the PDF to your local Staples-kind-of-place and get them to print it on nice heavy stock and bind it for you.

Hat's off to the Jesters of Middle Earth (and the talented Rowanath) for a wonderful idea, and a great contribution to the LoTRO community! September will never be the same.

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