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Rumorang: Jade Empire sequel in the works

Jason Dobson

With Mass Effect developer BioWare no doubt busying itself with post-acquisition shenanigans and practicing game of the year acceptance speeches in the mirror, it's understandable that news has been sorely lacking regarding the studio's upcoming releases. Nowhere has the rumor mill been more silent than with the follow up to Jade Empire, the as-yet-unannounced sequel to BioWare's 2005 action RPG with an Asian flair.

Despite any official confirmation, we presumed the game to be in development ages ago, though since that time there has been little to go on. Now, however, San Jose Mercury News game journo Dean Takahashi has taken a break from sipping eggnog long enough to mention that he has spoken with "someone" who has actually been in the presence of "code for Jade Empire 2." While the rumored confirmation ends there, we believe it's only a matter of time before Jade Empire's successor becomes a reality. Our only request is that BioWare leave the project in the oven until it's done, unlike the studio's last serving of 'Shepard's' pie.

[Thanks, Kyle]

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