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WoW Moviewatch: Dirt Dogs New Years

Moo Money

Still high on the success of Songs for Dogs, Barenger and Mirabell have created a New Years greeting for their guild, Dirt Dog! This time, they reminisce about dungeons that no one runs anymore. "For Old Alt's Sake" is an entertaining take on "Auld Lang Syne," a New Years Eve tradition.

These guys are quite talented and have an amazing rapport. It doesn't look scripted at all. Hopefully they'll enter WoW Idol 2008. Happy New Years, WoW Insiders!

[Thanks, Infamy!]

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Read on to see the lyrics ...

For old Alt's sake

Should BRD runs be forgot?
MC is left to die?
Uldamans' no longer run
Leaving lowbie Alts to cry

For old Alt's sake, my dear
For old Alt's sake
We'll take you through
and get your gear
My epic flier can wait

ZG, AQ, and Blackrock Spire
Why should Ony be left to live?
They've paved the way for Ramparts Runs
Can't believe the loots they give

Chorus x 2

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