Fujitsu, Sigma Designs collaborate on Wireless HDAV

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.03.08

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Fujitsu, Sigma Designs collaborate on Wireless HDAV
Yeah, we've certainly seen Sigma Designs pick up partners for WiMedia-based UWB HD streaming before, but this go 'round it's managed to solicit the help of Fujitsu. Apparently, the duo is planning to showcase its wireless HDAV technology at CES, which was designed to transport HD content over ultra-wideband and rely on Fujitsu's H.264-compliant codec. The setup can purportedly transmit signals at distances of up to ten meters, and will combine Fujitsu's MB86H51 codec with Sigma Designs' SMP8634 Secure Media Processor decoder and UWB Windeo chipset. Granted, we've witnessed similar songs / dances before, but here's to hoping one of these wireless concoctions actually takes off in 2008.
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