RIDATA reveals self-monitoring SMART Compact Flash cards

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.03.08

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RIDATA reveals self-monitoring SMART Compact Flash cards
Looking for a new Compact Flash card, are you? Good news, as RIDATA is fixing to unveil a new line of SMART CF cards at CES. Reportedly, the rugged new cards will be available in two series: the Supreme 150X (up to 8GB capacity-SLC format) and Lightning (up to 16GB MLC format). What differentiates these buggers from the crowd is their ability to self-monitor and report, giving owners the option of checking on the unit's status whenever they please. It also sports embedded Error Correction Code and has been tested for 100,000 program / erase cycles, but unfortunately, we've no idea how much the cards will run you when they land.

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