Wiimote re-purposed for glove-based multi-touch system

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Wiimote re-purposed for glove-based multi-touch system
Our new hero Johnny Chung Lee has already put the Wiimote to use for various multi-touch and multi-point systems (not to mention head-tracking), but it looks like others are slowly starting to follow in his footsteps, and the folks at Cynergy Labs have now produced one of the most polished "hacks" to date. Dubbed Project Maestro, the setup is built upon Microsoft's Windows Presentation System (or WPF) and uses a pair of Minority Report-style IR gloves to give you "multi-touch at a distance." That, as you can see in the video after the break, allows for an interface not unlike Microsoft's Surface -- without the "surface," of course. Unlike Johnny Lee's projects, however, the goods behind this one aren't available to the public just yet (for free or otherwise), but hopefully that'll change before too long.

[Thanks, Henry]

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