Wii's cuisine reigns supreme

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JC Fletcher
January 3rd, 2008
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Wii's cuisine reigns supreme
A product listing for an Iron Chef game on Wii and DS showed up on GameStop (the listing has since vanished), and Siliconera's Spencer Yip indicated that he is aware of such a game in development at Destineer. Destineer has yet to make any announcements regarding the game, so this remains unconfirmed.

If true, this couldn't be more perfect fit for Nintendo systems, as an overblown, hyperactive counterpart to the mellow Cooking Mama, currently the champion of Nintendo cooking games. Iron Chef is already structured similarly to a fighting game, as well!

Unfortunately, Spencer says that the game will be based on the Iron Chef America show and not the superior original. No matter how many times the show is remade, Chairman Kaga Takeshi (pictured) taking a hearty bite out of a pepper will always be the iconic image of Iron Chef. Maybe we'll be able to unlock the original cast, so that we can lose to the King of Iron Chef, Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai.

It seems likely that the voice of Iron Chef America, Chairman Mark Dacascos, will appear in the game (if the game is real), as he has a history with the medium. In addition to starring in the Double Dragon movie, Dacascos recently voiced a character in John Woo's Stranglehold.
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