Yup, here's Garmin's CES lineup

Whoa, Nelly! Garmin just did the deed and loosed a swarm of details on its jam-packed CES 2008 lineup, and sure enough, there aren't too many surprises. We'll let the new nüvi lineup get us started. First up, we figured you Americans should know that the previously Euro-only pink nüvi 200 is headed your way in Q1 for $249.99. Next up is the currently unpriced nüvi 260W, which looks to boast the exact same features as the nüvi 260 save for that luscious 4.3-inch touchscreen that this one is rockin'. Right on cue, it's the nüvi 5000 ($799.99), which you can catch more on -- along with the now official nüvi 780 / 880 (pictured above) -- right over here. Hungry for more? Head on past the break.


Keeping things rolling is the all new (but totally known) Colorado lineup, which will indeed consist of the four models that were hinted at earlier. As for the Colorado 300, it'll feature "a worldwide basemap with shaded relief," while the 400t caters to hikers needing "3D elevation perspective and US topographic maps." As for the 400i, it'll provide anglers with "shoreline details, depth contours and boat ramps for US inland lakes and navigable rivers," while the 400c acts as one's "coastal companion, providing chart coverage for the coastal US and Bahamas."

The only real surprise in the bunch is the Garmin Mobile PC, which is being dubbed "a navigation package that turns laptops and other mobile PCs into powerful navigators." Essentially, this critter isn't much more than a vanilla USB GPS dongle until you check out the software, which gives lappies the same interface already found on the nüvi / StreetPilot. The software alone will run consumers $59.99, while the GPS 20x bundle will add an additional $40 when it lands in April. Enough chatter -- check out the bevy of pics in the gallery!