Camy's Light Sword Wiimote holsters Jedi things up a notch

With all the Wiimote couplings currently making the rounds, we're bound to see a few lightsabers out there. Of course, this is where Camy's Pro Gear Wii Light Swords come into play. The colored plastic Wiimote holders are available in three "ultra bright" colors -- including the red "Dark Knight," which we're almost positive is a copyright infringement. Nevertheless, the swords will cradle your Wiimote lovingly, with ample room for the IR signal to make its way to your console. Should you desire, you can flip a switch and light up the night sky with your fear-inducing -- yet rather stubby -- laser blade. Sure, we've seen similar, but these come in green. The swords are slated for a May / June release, no word on price.

[Via IGN]