Gas Powered Demigod unearthed

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Gas Powered Demigod unearthed
Chris Taylor's Demigod is an action/RPG/RTS mashup built in the spirit of WarCraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, reveals 1UP. While the blowout tell-all is reserved for the pages of the Games for Windows mag, a few hand-me-down details have been passed along describing the basic architecture of Gas Powered Games' latest feat. Players control single units, so-called lesser deities, each armed with variations of brute force (action) and minion-manufacturing powers (RTS). (1UP notes that dude with the ginormous shoulder pads is skilled in dispatching petty units when his arm gets tired of swinging that tower-sized mallet.)

Gas Powered has designed Demigod to be a multiplayer game with an emphasis on co-op play, but a single-player mode will be included, to serve as a "training ground" for PvP matches.
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