Gefen, Pulse~LINK team up for HDMI Over Coax Extender

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.04.08

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Gefen, Pulse~LINK team up for HDMI Over Coax Extender
Quite frankly, we're being bombarded with ways to pass HDMI around the house -- and we absolutely love it. This go 'round, we've got Gefen teaming up with Pulse~LINK -- which is also partnering with Westinghouse on a wireless HDTV -- to create the HDMI Over Coax Extender. While details are still scant, the two firms are claiming that the aforementioned device will finally enable consumers to stream HDMI sources over in-house coax, nixing the need to run all new wires throughout your abode. As expected, the duo will be showcasing the technology at CES, and it will reportedly be capable of delivering "high quality, visually lossless video along with multi-channel digital audio" simultaneously. Hopefully we'll get an actual look at the April-bound unit when next week rolls around.
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