OLPC says Intel's efforts were "half-hearted," uninvites to birthday party

Nothing like an amicable parting of the ways between two mature organizations to warm the heart. But, naturally, the OLPC folks are having none of that. OLPC President Walter Bender had quite a few parting shots to make at the non-profit's former board member, Intel. After explaining that Intel's departure will have no impact on his organization, Bender accused Intel of making a "seemingly half-hearted effort" to build an XO to OLPC's spec. "The only thing they were interested in was ... helping them make marketing statements about how Intel's approach to learning was different from OLPC's approach to learning," said Bender. "They weren't interested in how we can learn together and make something better for kids." Bender also complained of Intel's unwillingness to help out on software and failure to perform in general: "They developed something that, as far as I know, is more expensive and more power-hungry than our current offering, so I'm not quite sure what the point is." According to Bender, Intel's primary interest in the whole affair was the positive PR -- and, of course, kicking the crutches out from under sick children as they walk past.