Ontamarama price drop is music to our wallets

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Ontamarama price drop is music to our wallets

Now here's something so rare it's a little bit unsettling: an Atlus game going down in price. Usually they disappear from the shelves within a couple of weeks and start commanding ridiculous eBay prices. But Ontamarama represents that most unusual of occurrences, the price-dropped Atlus game.

Both Amazon and GameStop have lowered the price of Atlus's adorable, ambidexterity-testing music game from $30 to $20. Not a bad price for a truly unique, original music game, even if reviewers weren't completely taken. And best of all, the game appears to be in stock at that price, and not just a cruel tease.

We discovered a second example of unexpected Atlus pricedroppery as well: both retailers have reduced the price of Touch Detective 2 1/2 by 1/3. It is also available at an inviting $19.99.

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