Some Just Cause 2 details, just 'cause

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Some Just Cause 2 details, just 'cause
PSW magazine has the revolutionary skinny on the sequel to the stylish -- but ultimately blah -- Just Cause. Rico Rodriguez is now ready to overthrow the government in the South East Asian country of Panau and developer Avalanche is using a new engine for Just Cause 2, which will focus more on exploration and experimentation than the original according to the developer.

The original Just Cause benefitted from a huge world, tropical setting (green and blue is so much better than modern gaming's brown obsession), and the stunts Rico could perform -- it failed on almost every other level. The game's lead designer Peter Johansson says the sequel will enhance the stunts and improve combat. As long as Avalanche takes the time to polish Just Cause this time around it might make for a great alternative to every other sandbox game's gritty urban settings -- well, almost every other sandbox game.
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