Strawberry Manuals Forever

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|01.04.08

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Strawberry Manuals Forever
We're over a year late on this, but you'll have to excuse us on not keeping up to date with the Strawberry Shortcake video games series. Insert Credit pointed us to the delightful fact that Strawberryland Games, Ms. Shortcake's 2006 minigame collection for the DS, comes with a Strawberry-fragranced instruction manual, just like the original dolls! One reviewer even described the booklet as having captured "the scent of Franken Berry cereal."

As amusing as we found this "bonus feature," should companies spend their time, money, and imaginations on such trivial details? Well, it convinced us into talking about a licensed children's game 15 months after its release, so there's obviously some value to this approach.

In fact, we wish more publishers would follow The Game Factory's lead and put out their own appropriately scented manuals. Wouldn't it be cool if Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles smelled like an ashtray when you opened its box? Or if My Horse and Me's manual wafted a farm-like aroma? Okay, so those examples aren't too great; we're sure you can come up with much better ideas.

[Via Insert Credit]
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